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Seattle Bankruptcy and Tax Debt Lawyer

Seattle Bankruptcy and Tax Debt Lawyer Tax issues can become extremely complex in a short period of time, leaving those with outstanding tax debts feeling they are trapped under an avalanche. State and federal governments are extremely aggressive in pursuing unpaid taxes and will stop at nothing to get the money they claim they are […]

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Ballard Law Group – Firm Overview

  Ballard Law Group Overview The Ballard Law Group has nearly 40 years of combined experience providing a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Located in the North Seattle area, our Ballard lawyers offer respective experience in both litigation and transactional services, meaning that most legal work — […]

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Seattle Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Seattle Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer At The Ballard Law Group, we assist people in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest who are seeking a fresh financial start. Our knowledgeable attorneys have nearly 40 years of combined experience protecting the interests of our clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy; you can rely on us to clearly explain […]

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Credit Card Debt and Debt Relief

Overwhelming credit card debt is one of the most common financial challenges for people in the United States. Late fees, rising interest rates and harassing phone calls from creditors combine to make credit card debt unmanageable for many people. There are many reasons individuals have high credit cards balances. A family member gets injured, you […]

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Bankruptcy Myths and Truths

Bankruptcy Myths and Truths At The Ballard Law Group, our goal is to help put you — not your creditors — in charge of your future. But we cannot do this if you never come to us with your debt issues and allow us to begin helping you. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit greatly […]

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