Contracts and Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

How to negotiating the best deal for your creative work

Whether you write screenplays, write songs or produce films, you need to be compensated fairly for your creative efforts.

If you’re involved in the entertainment industry, call 206-782-2111 and ask specifically for the legal expertise of John Hicks.

Protecting your creative work involves:

  • Understand the concept of “work-for-hire”
  • Know how to document your ownership in your creation
  • Understand your options for transferring your ownership
  • Negotiate a fair price for your creative work
  • Understand the potential applicability of guilds such as WGA and SAG/AFTRA

Entertainment Law Expertise

Seattle attorney, John Hicks, has negotiated Hollywood movie contracts. Mr. Hick’s first hand experience in the entertainment and movie industry is invaluable during any contract and entertainment law negotiation.

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