Seattle DUI and DOL Hearings

Protecting Your Rights and Driving Privileges

In Washington, people charged with drunk driving face harsh criminal punishments and run the risk of losing their driving privileges. At The Ballard Law Group, we defend clients charged with DUI in the North Seattle area in criminal court as well as before the Department of Licensing (DOL).

We will communicate clearly with you about the details of your case and help you make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Contact us online or by calling 206-782-2111 to arrange a free consultation with an experienced DUI defense lawyer.

Representation in Criminal Court

As the primary litigator of The Ballard Law Group, attorney George Jay Jensen has practiced criminal defense his entire legal career. He has skillfully protected the rights and interests of clients in scores of criminal law cases. Whether negotiating a plea arrangement or representing you in court, we will work to minimize the consequences of an arrest for drunk driving.

Representation Before the Department of Licensing (DOL)

A DUI arrest may result in a 90 day suspension of license. You only have a 30 day window to appeal the suspension. We will help you meet all time-sensitive requirements and represent you in DOL administrative hearings.

If you have been arrested, be cooperative, but you have the right not to say anything to law enforcement until you are under the guidance of a skilled lawyer. Contact us online or by phone to schedule a free consultation and to begin building a defense against DUI charges.

Our office is located in the historic neighborhood of Ballard. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. We can also meet with you off-site if you are in custody.

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