Negotiating with Collections Agencies

Negotiating With Collections Agencies

Bankruptcy helps many people achieve a fresh start free of debt while putting an end to creditor harassment and the threat of wage garnishment, lawsuits and other actions taken by creditors. But bankruptcy is not the ideal solution for everyone; some people can benefit greatly from negotiating the terms of their debt with their creditors and arriving at a settlement that allows them to make more manageable payments.

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Ballard Debt Negotiation Attorneys

At our Seattle, Washington, law firm we represent individuals and small businesses that are struggling with debt. We negotiate on behalf of our clients with creditors, seeking to protect the best interests of our clients and allow them to get their finances back on track.

Does Negotiating With Creditors and Debt Collections Agencies Work?

Negotiations are not guaranteed to produce the desired results, but consumers have nothing to lose in attempting negotiation. If negotiation does not result in more favorable terms, other options such as bankruptcy are still available. In some cases, consumers are able to reduce their outstanding debts by up to 50 percent, making negotiation a well-worth effort.

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Negotiating with collections agencies could reduce your outstanding debt and even eliminate the need to consider filing for bankruptcy. Contact us to discuss your options with a knowledgeable lawyer.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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  1. Rose MARIE Chisholm

    Had to close my Seattle, Washington business in 2012 due to poor economy. Sold everything to pay off commercial and personal mortgages, liens, loans, credit cards and accounts payable. During following 5 years negotiated and paid off most remaining debt except two unsecured debts leftover from prior to 6/2012 which I disputed amounts owed. 1. Business supplier claiming $4,000 owed and now is claiming $9300 – no lawsuit but shows on credit report. 2. $1200 Home Depot sold to a 3rd party – There were several credits not showing and charges we denied. Has fallen off credit report, but I get 3-5 calls a week. Attempts to offer low payoffs failed in 2012-2013.

    I have little money, but want to get these two reminders of everything we lost, eliminated. I’m willing to pay the supplier $500 and the 3rd party who bought the HD dept $200 plus pay an attorney who makes the offer a fee of $300. Basically, I have a $1000 to resolve this black cloud. I am 62 and unemployed – did not make enough money last year to collect unemployment. My husband earns $52,000/year. We live in Lexington, Ky in a condo we were able to buy with no money down. 502-517-5143

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